Packing for Tulum – The Shoes

10 Dec 2014 10:05

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I’m trying to get to Mexico with one carry on so need to keep it light with the shoes, and I plan to be casual and comfortable for the entire trip.

1. Birkenstock Gizeh: I’m a longtime fan of the Gizeh in black patent leather. The pair I bought six years ago are only now starting to look a little beat up, so I am bringing them along as my pair of “fancy” sandals. I thought of bringing my new Arizonas in black oiled leather, but I’m a little worried about beach wear and tear so decided it was less risk to go with the older pair.

Wildcard Birkenstocks: The very trendy Arizona Birkenstocks in white have been haunting me recently. At first I dismissed as too impractical in such a light color, but now I am thinking they are in the perfect shade of “bridal white” for our wedding after party, and beachy enough for the honeymoon.

2. Toms Shoes in Purple Woven: I mean you just can’t do better than a pair of Tom’s, especially for a pair of traveling shoes. This will be my third pair, and I tend to wear them for years until the toe section starts to rip apart. I still have my original beat up pair of grey Tom’s as they are perfect for weekends camping, cleaning, or painting. I had originally planned on getting a new pair in a nice classic color such as navy or olive green, but the fun summery neon pop in the Purple Woven pair convinced me to change it up a bit. I’ve had these shoes now for a couple weeks and they are beautiful – especially the pretty details such as the pink elastic triangle, and stitching decorations on the side. I keep the rest of my outfit simple when I wear these so the shoes get the attention – like jeans and a white t-shirt with a green army jacket. A note on shopping for these – I wasn’t able to find my size online, but when I popped into my local Urban Outfitters they had a whole slew of this shade in my size and more.

3.Havaianas Slim Flip Flops: I don’t know how to pronounce the name of the these shoes, but I’ve read many a raving review, and my fiancé really likes his men’s pair of flip flops. I generally avoid all plastic flip flops (ouch!) but decided to give these a try since I wanted a pair that could handle the beach, and rain, and not have any fabric or foam that would need to dry out. Jury is still out though – they look really cute, but the first time I wore them the plastic predictably ripped up my feet, and I got a huge blob of gum stuck to the bottom (not the shoes fault!) and the gum seems impossible to remove. I think I will still bring them on our trip, but might also bring my tried and true LL Bean flip flops as an alternate pair.

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